Membership/Donations is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting privacy and digital sovereignty. We fund our activities and running infrastructure costs through membership fees. Donations allow us to expand our services and reach more people.


Membership fees help cover the costs of our day-to-day activities, server infrastructure, domain names, and other running operating expenses. This allows us to provide services to our members and the public.

Membership starts at € 5 / month!

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Bank Donations

Even if you're not a member, you can still support us by making a direct donation to our bank account. Your donation will be used to fund our activities and expand our services.

Account holder:

IBAN: AT35 2081 5000 4554 0812


Crypto Donations

While our expenses are generally in fiat currency, we accept donations in cryptocurrencies, too.

Bitcoin (BTC): bc1qnu7r5sed4afacfpgx5za8hsyhaj4rs45dpm26k

Monero (XMR): 487Ny4iBk2pKGJwjyYrumFD8xFmrS6jCSXNA8e5EvVJ49GyS54CRDVz514MBnXgNT1EioKYiagHs33sLzUAFj8i3Pwg3AMS

Ethereum (ETH): Coming soon™

If your client supports OpenAlias, you can just send your donation to

Transparency Report for May 2024

We believe in transparency and accountability. Below is a summary of our income and expenses for the last month, so you can see how your donations are being used.

Category Euros (€)Bitcoin (BTC)Monero (XMR)
Account Balance (start of month)+ €112.330.000000000 BTC0.000000000 XMR
Membership Fees+ €390.00
Donations+ 0.000434000 BTC+ 0.447661806 XMR
Server Costs- €430.04
Total Income+ €390.00+ 0.000434000 BTC+ 0.447661806 XMR
Total Expenses- €430.040.000000000 BTC0.000000000 XMR
Account Balance (end of month)+ €72.29+ 0.000434000 BTC+ 0.447661806 XMR
Central Register of Associations (ZVR) Number: 1758485319

Our statutes can be found in our Git in German (legally binding) and in English.

Interested in joining the association? Reach out via email or Matrix for more information.